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OLFA is the premium Japanese maker of cutter for all purpose. 

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Designer and model list cutter OLFA AK1 is one of the most used cutters around the world; it's extre..

9.29 EUR Ex Tax: 7.61 EUR

Olfa Compass Cutter

OLFA CMP1 cutter with compass;  This cutter by OLFA permits to make perfect round cuts on leath..

11.20 EUR Ex Tax: 9.18 EUR

OLFA Cutter A1

With just firm finger pressure, you can open and close the knife thanks to its snap-fit closure. Sna..

6.54 EUR Ex Tax: 5.36 EUR

OLFA L1 Cutter

With this OLFA® utility knife, you're not locked into a fixed depth; its ratchet-lock mechanism give..

10.82 EUR Ex Tax: 8.87 EUR

OLFA LB Spare Blades (10pcs)

Spare blades for OLFA cutters. Class LB.10 pieces in the box...

6.72 EUR Ex Tax: 5.51 EUR

OLFA Rotary Cutter RTY-1G

OLFA rotary cutter is used for precision cuts over leather and textiles; precision is really importa..

10.98 EUR Ex Tax: 9.00 EUR

OLFA RTY-3G H Rotary Cutter

This incredible rotary cutter with 60mm diameter blade is perfect for cutting different materials li..

26.84 EUR Ex Tax: 22.00 EUR

Spare Blades OLFA AB (10pcs)

Spare blades for OLFA AB cutters.10 pieces in the box...

3.18 EUR Ex Tax: 2.61 EUR