Tools and instruments for shoemakers and designers. Cutting tools, pliers, hammers and everything concerning with hand-making.

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Adjustable Stitching Groover

Create grooves in the leather easily and quickly with this incredible tool. You can use the guide to..

31.27 EUR Ex Tax: 25.63 EUR

BD-100 Blades (50pcs)

This blades for NT-Cutter are the state of art blades for designers. They fit in the NT Cutter follo..

16.70 EUR Ex Tax: 13.69 EUR

Bending Hammer without Handle

This hammer without handle is widely used in the leather industry for bending leather parts and glue..

7.47 EUR Ex Tax: 6.12 EUR

Bone Creaser

Real bone creaser. You can use this product for edging and it can be used for creasing, burinishing ..

10.08 EUR Ex Tax: 8.26 EUR

Brass leather knife

Highly resistant brass leather knife; specially designed for hard and frequent use, it is practicall..

10.27 EUR Ex Tax: 8.42 EUR

Curved Leather Awl with Handle

Use our curved stitching awl for leather to easy work on leather goods. With its wooden handle it is..

12.60 EUR Ex Tax: 10.33 EUR

Cutter A300

Cutter NT A300. One of the most known Japanese cutters. A real best seller. ..

5.60 EUR Ex Tax: 4.59 EUR

Cutting Board

100% Nylon cutting board, one of the most affordable surfaces to cut and punch on. This cutting boar..

11.10 EUR Ex Tax: 9.10 EUR

Die Cast Revolving Punch Plier

This die-cast plier is extremely strong. It can make 6 different size holes. Perfect for leather bel..

29.12 EUR Ex Tax: 23.87 EUR

Die Cast Zipper Fasten Plier

This die cast plier close zippers when you mount them or when they are accidentally opened; It's nec..

57.30 EUR Ex Tax: 46.97 EUR

Draw Gauge Leather

Aluminum handle draw gauge. Used for cutting leather strips. All metal construction. Manufactured wi..

97.60 EUR Ex Tax: 80.00 EUR

Dressmaker's Shears

This shears perfectly cut leather, textile and other materials. Their comfort is granted by one larg..

6.34 EUR Ex Tax: 5.20 EUR

Dressmaker's Shears KAI

This dressmaker's shears are made of the best vanadium stainless steel that grants durability and pe..

32.67 EUR Ex Tax: 26.78 EUR

Edge Dye Roller Pen

This roller pen is perfect to paint leather edges. Smooth and precise it's a necessary hand tool for..

35.38 EUR Ex Tax: 29.00 EUR

Edge Tool (S)

Edge tool with blade on the upper side. Bevels, cut and rounds off edges of leather. With a big poin..

20.53 EUR Ex Tax: 16.83 EUR

English style awl

This english style awl is made with the best steel, it has a curved tip, it's good for all that leat..

6.10 EUR Ex Tax: 5.00 EUR

Hammer with magnet

This hammer is perfect to put the needles inside shoes. You can position your needle on the top of t..

13.73 EUR Ex Tax: 11.25 EUR

Hand Needle Large Eye

This stainless steel needle is what you need for hand sewing on leatherlenght 55mm..

1.22 EUR Ex Tax: 1.00 EUR

Hard Steel Blade 280.8017

Hard blade for brass knife; 100% stainless steel. Length: 140 mmHeight: 7,5 mm..

0.61 EUR Ex Tax: 0.50 EUR

Hook Sewing Needle

Sewing needle with hook point; create wonderful sewings with this comfortable tool. ..

10.49 EUR Ex Tax: 8.60 EUR

Horn Creaser

Real horn creaser. You can use this product for edging and it can be used for creasing, burinis..

6.44 EUR Ex Tax: 5.28 EUR

KAI Sewing Scissors Curved

This scissors are made with the best Japanese vanadium steel. They are always sharpened and guarante..

18.85 EUR Ex Tax: 15.45 EUR

KAI Sewing Scissors Straight

This scissors are made with the best Japanese vanadium steel. They are always sharpened and guarante..

14.84 EUR Ex Tax: 12.16 EUR

KAI Thread Snippers

This snippers are made to cut sewing threads and are good for many different uses. They are always w..

12.51 EUR Ex Tax: 10.25 EUR

Knife for Leather Mozart Gummy with Awl

Reinforced Mozart cutter with soft rubber handle; Useful awl inside; New technological system with a..

14.64 EUR Ex Tax: 12.00 EUR

Kobito Leather Knife

This is the famous KOBITO precision leather knife. With this state of art tool you can cut leather w..

33.04 EUR Ex Tax: 27.08 EUR

Kretzer Heavy Duty Shears

The Kretzer 113824 shears are perfect for hardworking materials like thick leather or rubber; 100% m..

44.33 EUR Ex Tax: 36.34 EUR

Lacing thonging Chisels 8 holes

This lacing chisels are made with carefully tempered spring steel blades; it creates perfect ho..

29.87 EUR Ex Tax: 24.48 EUR

Leather / Shoe Hammer

Leatherwork Hammer - Popular with pocket book, belt, shoe, luggage and small leather goods industry...

8.41 EUR Ex Tax: 6.89 EUR

Leather Blade 6mm by Aesculap

This is the spare blade for Kobito and Mundus knives; compatible with all the 6mm knives;  It's..

3.78 EUR Ex Tax: 3.10 EUR

Leather Edge Beveler

Bevels and rounds off edges of leather. It's perfect to round the edges of hard and thick leather...

16.80 EUR Ex Tax: 13.77 EUR

Leather Edge Slicker

Wooden tool for leather edges; it has a multi-size hollows to slick leather edges making them perfec..

8.42 EUR Ex Tax: 6.90 EUR

Leathercraft Maul

High artisanal quality leather maul; this leather hammer has solid wood handle, comfortable for long..

23.18 EUR Ex Tax: 19.00 EUR

Mozart 2290 Fur Knife

Multi-tool knife specially designed for leather and fur; Guaranteed quality from Mozart, Germany..

8.54 EUR Ex Tax: 7.00 EUR

Mozart blades 512

Spare blades for Mozart knives, art.512.Box contains 100 pieces...

21.94 EUR Ex Tax: 17.98 EUR

Mozart blades 512 (10pcs)

Mozart blades code 512.050 spare blades; pure stainless steel high elasticity, strength and cutting ..

5.49 EUR Ex Tax: 4.50 EUR

Mozart blades 512L

Spare blades for Mozart knives, art.512L. Box contains 100 pieces...

23.70 EUR Ex Tax: 19.43 EUR

Mozart Knife 2512

Multipurpose Mozart Knife with standard placing. It cuts leather and paper patterns. Works with "Moz..

9.15 EUR Ex Tax: 7.50 EUR

Mozart Knife 2514

Multipurpose Mozart Knife with non-slip handle. It is a slim-line cutter for filigree cuts. Works wi..

9.76 EUR Ex Tax: 8.00 EUR

Mozart Knife 2515 "Gummy"

Reinforced Mozart cutter with soft rubber handle. Perfect for all purpose. Works with "Mozart art. ..

12.20 EUR Ex Tax: 10.00 EUR

Mozart Knife for Leather with Awl an Easy Open

Reinforced Mozart cutter with soft rubber handle and cap included; Useful awl inside; New technologi..

13.07 EUR Ex Tax: 10.71 EUR

Mozart Knife Workstation

This professional metal stand for the Mozart Knife is suitable for all the Mozart knives, made with ..

53.20 EUR Ex Tax: 43.61 EUR

Mozart spare blades 511

Spare blades for Mozart knives, art.511. Box contains 100 pieces...

21.94 EUR Ex Tax: 17.98 EUR

Mundus Clicker Knife

This leathercraft knife is a must have for all designers. It cuts leather easily and comfortably. It..

39.20 EUR Ex Tax: 32.13 EUR

Needle Craft Scissors (Straight) KAI

This small scissors are made of the best vanadium stainless steel that grants durability and perfect..

12.51 EUR Ex Tax: 10.25 EUR

Nickel Plated Hammer

Heavy hammer for shoemakers. Nickel plated head, perfect balancing, comfortable during the everyday ..

15.49 EUR Ex Tax: 12.70 EUR

Nylon Hammer 28mm

This nylon hammer is perfect for a lot of different uses like mounting the upper of the shoe, leathe..

9.99 EUR Ex Tax: 8.19 EUR

Nylon Hammer 35mm

This nylon hammer is perfect for a lot of different uses like mounting the upper of the shoe, leathe..

14.37 EUR Ex Tax: 11.78 EUR


Designer and model list cutter OLFA AK1 is one of the most used cutters around the world; it's extre..

9.29 EUR Ex Tax: 7.61 EUR

Olfa Compass Cutter

OLFA CMP1 cutter with compass;  This cutter by OLFA permits to make perfect round cuts on leath..

11.20 EUR Ex Tax: 9.18 EUR

OLFA Cutter A1

With just firm finger pressure, you can open and close the knife thanks to its snap-fit closure. Sna..

6.54 EUR Ex Tax: 5.36 EUR

OLFA L1 Cutter

With this OLFA® utility knife, you're not locked into a fixed depth; its ratchet-lock mechanism give..

10.82 EUR Ex Tax: 8.87 EUR

OLFA LB Spare Blades (10pcs)

Spare blades for OLFA cutters. Class LB.10 pieces in the box...

6.54 EUR Ex Tax: 5.36 EUR

OLFA Rotary Cutter RTY-1G

OLFA rotary cutter is used for precision cuts over leather and textiles; precision is really importa..

10.98 EUR Ex Tax: 9.00 EUR

Outsole Channel Lifter

Craft tool to lift the channel created in the outsole for a Goodyear melt. When you start to make a ..

41.53 EUR Ex Tax: 34.04 EUR

Revolving Punch

Revolving punch for leather with 8 different heads. Cut perfect holes in the leather. Useful for mak..

11.30 EUR Ex Tax: 9.26 EUR

Round Knife Mezzaluna

Round saddlery knife mezzaluna for cutting and skiving leather; This extra sharpened knife is a must..

60.19 EUR Ex Tax: 49.34 EUR

Round Punch for Leather

The best and easiest punch to use for creating holes on the leather. Many different diameters availa..

7.47 EUR Ex Tax: 6.12 EUR

Rubber Mallet

The rubber mallet delivers a softened strike, protecting parts from damage; this hammer is usef..

10.27 EUR Ex Tax: 8.42 EUR

Saddlery Knife

This Knife is mostly used in saddlery works, it has the so called "french pattern", the long blade o..

21.19 EUR Ex Tax: 17.37 EUR