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Clean & Protect

Clean & Protect

All the products to clean shoes and clean sneakers; protectors, nano protectors, and products to waterproof leather and shoes

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Odor Killer

The sneakers odor killer is a fantastic deodorizer than removes all the odors from your shoes and ga..

9.76 EUR Ex Tax: 8.00 EUR

Sneakers Cleaner

Tarrago Sneakers and shoes Cleaner is a foaming cleaning solution with high cleaning power for your ..

9.76 EUR Ex Tax: 8.00 EUR

Sneakers Midsole Cleaner

Midsole sneakers cleaning cream with bamboo essence, Specially formulated to eliminate dirt and pain..

9.76 EUR Ex Tax: 8.00 EUR

Sneakers Protector

Tarrago Sneakers Protector is a sensational waterproofer for your sneakers; Colorless preparati..

10.98 EUR Ex Tax: 9.00 EUR

Tarrago Nano Protector

Tarrago Nano protector is the best way to protect your shoes, it waterproof leather, textile, synthe..

11.59 EUR Ex Tax: 9.50 EUR

Tarrago Sneaker Wipes

The best solution to quick clean sneakers; Quickly and effectively removes dirt and scuff marks from..

9.15 EUR Ex Tax: 7.50 EUR

Tarrago Sneakers Brush

This is the definitive brush for cleaning sneakers; Varnish beech wood handle with soft bristles to ..

7.32 EUR Ex Tax: 6.00 EUR

Tarrago Sneakers Kit

The best selection of products for the cleaning and protection of the sneakers.Kit includes:1 Tarrag..

30.74 EUR Ex Tax: 25.20 EUR

Tarrago Sole Restorer

Yellow outsoles? No problem! Tarrago sole restorer is an incredible whitening  formula of activ..

9.52 EUR Ex Tax: 7.80 EUR

Tarrago Total White

Liquid cream, wax based with a high percentage of white pigment.It covers scuffs and dirt, renovatin..

6.95 EUR Ex Tax: 5.70 EUR