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Tarrago Sneakers Care

Founded in 1940, Tarrago Brands International was born in the cradle of the Spanish textile industry, under the name of “Tarrago Products”. Tarrago Brands comes with the vision of offering the best dyes for fabrics, both for industrial and domestic use. Rapidly, Tarrago Brands becomes the reference in dyes for the textile market.

In the 60s, in a context of crisis for the textile industry, Tarrago Brands demonstrated once again its capacity to adapt to the new needs of the market and prioritizing innovation, developed the first water-based dye for the leather market; this technological revolution applauded by the sector, allowed to change the color of the leather even from black to white with an unbeatable result and resistance.

Since then, Tarrago Brands has not stopped innovating and developing new formulations, to continue adapting products to the new needs of customers. The tanning of the leathers has evolved making them more resistant, the textile garments are of manufacturing techniques (microfibers, membranes, …). Tarrago Brands, has been developing without rest all kinds of dyes, creams and polishes for decades; liquid solutions, in paste or by vaporization, to solve the repair, dyeing, nutrition, shine and protection in both leather and textile.

The products evolve in Tarrago Brands at the pace that technological progress is imposed. As of today, we have many products spread over 4 ranges.
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Odor Killer

The sneakers odor killer is a fantastic deodorizer than removes all the odors from your shoes and ga..

9.76 EUR Ex Tax: 8.00 EUR

Sneakers Cleaner

Tarrago Sneakers and shoes Cleaner is a foaming cleaning solution with high cleaning power for your ..

9.76 EUR Ex Tax: 8.00 EUR

Sneakers Midsole Cleaner

Midsole sneakers cleaning cream with bamboo essence, Specially formulated to eliminate dirt and pain..

9.76 EUR Ex Tax: 8.00 EUR

Sneakers Protector

Tarrago Sneakers Protector is a sensational waterproofer for your sneakers; Colorless preparati..

10.98 EUR Ex Tax: 9.00 EUR

Starter Kit Sneakers Paint

This stunning starter kit is perfect for all who want to learn and customize their first sneakers; I..

54.90 EUR Ex Tax: 45.00 EUR

Tarrago air compressor

Quiet and durable air compressor, especially made for tarrago airbrush. Start and stop functions, ad..

79.06 EUR Ex Tax: 64.80 EUR

Tarrago Airbrush

This airbrush is a perfect complement for the artists that want to customize sneakers with a profess..

65.88 EUR Ex Tax: 54.00 EUR

Tarrago Gloss Maker

Create a gloss finishing layer on customized sneakers or normal shoes; it protects the color and cre..

9.76 EUR Ex Tax: 8.00 EUR

Tarrago Matt Maker

Create a matt finishing layer on customized sneakers or normal shoes; it protects the color and crea..

10.37 EUR Ex Tax: 8.50 EUR

Tarrago Sneaker Wipes

The best solution to quick clean sneakers; Quickly and effectively removes dirt and scuff marks from..

9.15 EUR Ex Tax: 7.50 EUR

Tarrago Sneakers Brush

This is the definitive brush for cleaning sneakers; Varnish beech wood handle with soft bristles to ..

7.32 EUR Ex Tax: 6.00 EUR

Tarrago Sneakers Kit

The best selection of products for the cleaning and protection of the sneakers.Kit includes:1 Tarrag..

30.74 EUR Ex Tax: 25.20 EUR

Tarrago Sneakers Paint 125ml

Tarrago Sneakers Paint is a water-based color dye specially formulated to change the color, customiz..

23.18 EUR Ex Tax: 19.00 EUR

Tarrago Sneakers Paint 25ml

Tarrago Sneakers Paint is a water-based color dye specially formulated to change the color, customiz..

9.39 EUR Ex Tax: 7.70 EUR

Tarrago Sole Restorer

Yellow outsoles? No problem! Tarrago sole restorer is an incredible whitening  formula of activ..

9.52 EUR Ex Tax: 7.80 EUR

Tarrago Total White

Liquid cream, wax based with a high percentage of white pigment.It covers scuffs and dirt, renovatin..

6.95 EUR Ex Tax: 5.70 EUR