Punches for leather. Different size and shapes. For leathercraft works. Made with the best and most durable steel.

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Cutting Board

100% Nylon cutting board, one of the most affordable surfaces to cut and punch on. This cutting boar..

11.10 EUR Ex Tax: 9.10 EUR

Die Cast Revolving Punch Plier

This die-cast plier is extremely strong. It can make 6 different size holes. Perfect for leather bel..

33.50 EUR Ex Tax: 27.46 EUR

Oval Punch for Leather

Oval punch for leather crafting, hard metal, easy and useful. This oval punch is a reliable tool for..

59.55 EUR Ex Tax: 48.81 EUR

Punch With Guide

Leather punch with guide. This punch let you make perfect spaced holes thanks to its guide. You can ..

43.41 EUR Ex Tax: 35.58 EUR

Revolving Punch

Revolving punch for leather with 8 different heads. Cut perfect holes in the leather. Useful for mak..

11.86 EUR Ex Tax: 9.72 EUR

Round Punch for Leather

The best and easiest punch to use for creating holes on the leather. Many different diameters availa..

7.47 EUR Ex Tax: 6.12 EUR

Round punches for hand press

Round punch for leather; from 1mm to 24mm, suitable for all standard hand presses with a 6mm threadi..

2.43 EUR Ex Tax: 1.99 EUR